• White Tea Ginger
  • White Tea Ginger
  • White Tea Ginger
  • White Tea Ginger

White Tea Ginger

This powerful blend is like a good romance: light and spicy. Real ginger aids digestion. White tea delivers antioxidants. And pure collagen nourishes skin, hair and joints for overall radiance. Not too sweet. Lightly carbonated. About 30mg of caffeine per can. What's not to love?

Each can contains our signature SkinTē equation: 3000mg of collagen + foundational herbs for a boost of vitamins and minerals + smart ingredients to nourish your body from the inside out. Get your dose of radiance.

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Currently available in the continental US.

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How is SkinTē® unique?

SkinTē is a revolutionary sparkling beverage formulated by a doctor and chef to boost your skincare and promote daily well-being. We carefully selected the finest organic teas, brewed them to perfection, added the highest quality, bioavailable collagen peptides, mixed in super-herbs and topped it all off with a little sparkle. Yes - Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. No - dairy, soy, grains, dyes, artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Think of it as gourmet skincare you can drink. But the benefits don’t stop there. SkinTē also provides nutritional support for hair, nails, joints and overall well-being.. Check out our signature SkinTē equation here. Does your skincare do all of that?

How does SkinTē® fit into my lifestyle?

SkinTē offers a fun and easy alternative to traditional pills, powders and bone broth with the added benefits of organic teas and super herbs all in one sip. Reach for SkinTē instead of an unhealthy/empty beverage for a pick-me-up, after a workout for post-exercise inflammation, after a long night or a hard week, to prepare to “glow” for a special event, or anytime to quench your thirst. Liquid radiance at your fingertips to fit your lifestyle.

What is the source of SkinTē's collagen?

Our drinks contain the highest quality kosher collagen hydrolysate sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef. We have chosen a reliable collagen supplier that conducts rigorous testing by outside laboratories. Their collagen is free from insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics and hormones. Their research and development team has perfected collagen hydrolysate (the peptide form of collagen), which is 95% bioavailable to the human body.

How much SkinTē® should I enjoy to get enough collagen daily?

Controlled trials show oral collagen consumption of 2500-5000 mg daily for 12 weeks promotes skin elasticity. Each SkinTē contains at least 3000 mg of collagen. Each person is different and may need more or less depending on their overall dietary and lifestyle habits (ie. smokers or sun worshippers may need to double down). Think of collagen the way you think of any important food group, like your vegetables. The goal is to consume it regularly, but don’t worry about being too prescriptive. If you miss a few days, get back on track when you can. For those serious about results, consume 1-2 daily. SkinTē offers you an easy way to drink your collagen on a regular basis.

What types of sweeteners do you use in SkinTē?

We listened to our customers and created two options so we could be inclusive of their needs and preferences. For customers that prefer no sweeteners at all, we recommend our White Tea Ginger flavor. For customers that are diabetic, or want a keto- or paleo-friendly drink, we recommend Green Tea Grapefruit. It is sweetened with non-GMO erythritol, a natural sweetener we feel great about. For those that like both options, the two flavors are a fun way to mix it up!

Hello, liquid radiance.