$56.99 One Dozen 12oz. cans

Hibiscus Vanilla

A harmonious balance of organic hibiscus & organic rose petals combined with the smooth sweetness of organic vanilla. Zero caffeine to keep you calm. 

  • Real Brewed, Organic Tea & Super-Herbs
  • 3000mg Collagen*
  • Antioxidants + 100% DV Vitamin C
  • 0g of Sugar

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Also available in a 6-pack

Benefits skin, hair, nails, joints, mood & overall well-being.

  • Paleo
  • Low Calorie
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No Added Sugar, Dairy or Soy
  • No Artificial Sweeteners & Dyes
  • Organic Tea & Super-Herbs
  • Caffeine Free
  • 0g Net Carbs
  • *Grass-Fed Kosher Collagen

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Supports skin hydration and elasticity

Kosher collagen peptides promote radiant skin for a glow like no other.

Helps strengthen hair and nails

Collagen plus super herbs like horsetail nurture vibrant hair and nails.

Boosts overall well-being

Fizzy and delicious, each flavor has a functional benefit and supports whole-body wellness.

Meet this fancy flavors

Organic hibiscus tea, real rose petals, and a splash of vanilla extract combine for a smooth, smoky, and fruity blend - sans the caffeine.

Hibiscus Vanilla Ingredients

Our Perfectionist formula

Every can of SkinTē is brimming with beauty-boosting ingredients.


3,000mg of collagen informed by clinical studies for easy absorption and efficacy with head-to-toe benefits.


Rich in minerals that promote radiant hair, skin, and nails.

Nettle Root

Full of vitamins and minerals that support whole-body wellness.

Hawthorn berry

Puts a smile on your face with mood-boosting antioxidants.

Passion Flower

Traditionally used to promote calm and sexy vibes.

Organic Hibiscus Tea

Tart and fruity with immune-supporting antioxidants.


Vanilla Extract

Classic flavor with natural calming aromatherapy.


Rose Petals

Soft and subtle aroma and flavor with a punch of antioxidants.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

We love SkinTe! It is the beverage of choice for everyone that works at HydroPeptide headquarters. It's refreshing, tasty and we swear it helps our amp up our skin glow especially when we use it with our Nimni Cream;)


Love the taste and love the effects on my skin hair and nails. ☺️

Increasing collagen

I really like the taste of the drinks. Ginger is a little much for me, but can drink it if it is all that is available. As I am getting older I am trying to increase collagen for skin elasticity. I have only been drinking Skinte for a couple months, but hopefully it will enhance my current skin regimen. Price is a little high - but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. A

Im in love!!

This is my drink! My special treat. My savior! I've been dealing with lots of food sensitivities and tackling major gut imbalances. I have severe sensitivity to black tea which would cause severe pelvic pain. One of the things I've also been trying to heal is candida. So, on the protocol to heal this, I cant have caffeine or any sugars (even from fruit sources and honey) so... it was good ol' H2O for me. Until I found this Hibiscus Vanilla goodness! Its delicious! No caffeine. No sugar! Loads of amazing liquid radiance! I consume about 4 cans a day. I am on the highest number of cans for a monthly subscription that you can get. This tastes like a cream soda. Its just amazing! Especially when you have to limited so many things you can have its nice to find something special to make you feel like you can enjoy things too. I share with friends all the time and give them a can because this is seriously a big treat. Also, I have vocal cords tremors and my throat hurts daily like strep throat... my voice get hoarse and I lose it and hurts to talk.... the fizz of this beverage is just perfect and soothing to my voice. I havent tried the other flavors but I'm sure they are just amazing. All the beneficial herbs and the collagen!! Who can say no?!?! Before, getting on the monthky subscription I would clean my local Sprouts out of this flavor but they didn't keep enough of this in stock for me so Im glad I found that you have a monthly subscription plan so I can always have my drink stocked in my fridge ♡♡♡


After trying from a local grocery, I fell in love with this tea. It made my skin gorgeous and happy. Now, I have started a subscription to receive my favorite flavor (and I have tried them all), the hibiscus vanilla. It has such a lovely favor for my sweet tooth and floral tea obsession while giving me all the wonderful skin and mood boosting benefits from its ingredients. I tell you entirely obsessed with SkinTe and beyond estatic to be part of the Tertribe!💕