Radiant Rewards

Why Should I Join?

Every can of SkinTē is brimming with radiant-boosting and feel good ingredients. The more consistent you are in consuming SkinTē, the more benefits you'll experience over time from our perfectionist formula. Enjoy SkinTē in the morning or afternoon for a ‘pick me up’, with your meals as a light and refreshing beverage, after a workout for post-exercise recovery, to prepare to ‘glow’ for a special event, to wind down in the evening in a hot tub (Hibiscus Vanilla is caffeine free) or as a beauty cocktail :) Fizzy and delicious, each flavor note has a functional benefit and supports wellness.

  • 3000 mg of collagen informed by clinical studies for easy absorption and efficacy with head-to-toe benefits.
  • Horsetail is rich in minerals that promote radiant hair, skin, and nails.
  • Nettle Root is full of vitamins and minerals that support whole-body wellness.
  • Hawthorn Berry puts a smile on your face with mood-boosting antioxidants.
  • Passion Flower is traditionally used to promote calm and sexy vibes.

With our Radiant Rewards program, you can sip, sparkle, and save with each purchase and action made. Whoever said self-care doesn’t pay off? ;)

I'm In! How Do I Join?

We’re so excited to get you glowing! If you've already created an account with us, just Sign In to start earning points.

If you haven't created an account with us Join Now to start experiencing the beauty benefits and beyond.

Ways to Earn

Earn points every time you shop and engage with our #TeTribe community. We’ll be offering you the opportunity to earn double or triple the points throughout the year - so be sure to stay on the lookout for ways to unlock an array of Radiant Rewards.

  1. Like on Facebook = 50 Points
  2. Follow on Instagram = 50 Points
  3. Review a Product = 100 Points
  4. Place an Order = 5 Points for every $1 spent
  5. Celebrate a Birthday = 500 Points
  6. Sign Up = 500 Points

Ways to Redeem

  1. $5 Coupon = 500 points
  2. $10 Coupon = 1000 Points
  3. $15 Coupon = 1500 Points
  4. $20 Coupon = 2000 Points
  5. $25 Coupon = 2500 Points

Redeem for Subscription coupons and earn 20% more!

I Have Points! How Do I Spend Them?

  1. Select the Rewards button on the bottom right
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Select "Next Reward", and if you have a reward available, you can redeem it
  4. Once you redeem your available reward, it will then show you the discount code to use at checkout. You can choose to "apply code" or to copy the coupon code and enter it at checkout
  5. When checking out, you should either see your code automatically applied if you selected "apply code" or if you copied your code, enter it in the discount code section of your checkout page


Share your glow-to product with friends and receive Radiant Rewards when they purchase.

  1. Select the Rewards button on the bottom right
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Scroll down to "Refer your friends" and share your rewards link found here to give your friends the reward $10 off coupon
  4. You will receive a $10 off coupon when they make a purchase

    Do My Rewards Expire?

    Rewards will expire after one year, so make sure you use them!