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Our Female-Founding Trio


Meet the three women who each went through challenging life transitions and emerged as a powerhouse trio on a mission to nurture health and beauty from the inside out, every day, for everyone.



Meet Bassima Mroue (AKA the BOSS). Passionate for developing purpose-driven brands, inspiring women, and destigmatizing self-care, Bassima calls upon her diverse professional experience to revolutionize the way we approach beauty and wellness from the inside out. A Lebanese-American with over a decade’s worth of experience from heavyweights like Nike and Spanx. As a board member of the Sara Blakely Foundation, Bassima is also an active supporter of female empowerment as shown in her 2012 TEDx Portland talk

Bassima is an all-around badass (who didn’t want to say that, but we outvoted her). Her conscientious perspective on business is the driving force behind the trajectory of SkinTē.



Amy SkinTe Founder Doctor


Meet Dr. Amy Bader (AKA Dr. B). An accomplished teacher, speaker, writer, and naturopathic doctor, Amy channels her passion for healing towards creating feel-good formulas brimming with whole-body wellness. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the National University of Natural Medicine. She has private practices in Northern California and the Portland area with two decades of naturopathic experience.

A combination of goofball, science geek, and girly-girl, Amy’s love of natural medicine is the foundation of everything we make.



Elizabeth SkinTe Founder Chef


Meet Elizabeth Zieg (AKA Chef E). Elizabeth’s passion for food started early with mud pies in the backyard. An epicurean with a flair for innovation, she blends her passion for flavor, purpose, and artistry to create some really tasty shit. She has had a non-linear career path that started in software development, training, and consulting. But later followed her heart by training as a chef (and traded in mud pies for Liquid Radiance).

Elizabeth is particular, in the best possible sense. Her appetite for taste exploration and endless creativity are the pioneering force behind SkinTē.



Beauty needed a refreshment - and a delicious one. We’ve created SkinTē to boost your beauty and well-being with each fizzy sip. We wanted to create an easy, effective, and fun way to consume your collagen (and a whole bunch of other goodness, too!). Each ingredient is hand-picked for its benefits on multiple levels. Because we believe you deserve to have it all -- and then some.

Let's Glow!