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Trick or Tē-Treat? *Guilt-Free Halloween Recipes Inside*

Spooky nights deserve spooktacular treats  - & no, we don’t mean the sugary kinds.

White Tea Ginger SkinTe

Swap the empty calories for a guilt-free SkinTē full of boo-tiful benefits.

Or, get in the spirit with a chilling collagen cocktail so good you’ll make all the witches jealous ;)

-   Beware of over-sipping.    -

White Tea Ginger SkinTe with Skeleton Hand

Pretty Spooky Cocktail

Equal parts White Tea Ginger SkinTē & hard cider + Splash of bourbon  + Serve over ice

Witches Brew Mocktail

Equal parts White Tea Ginger SkinTē + fresh pressed apple juice + Twist of lime


6 oz Green Tea Grapefruit SkinTē + 1 oz Blavod + a Squeeze of Lime 

Bad & BOOzey

6 oz White Tea Ginger SkinTē + 1 oz Apple Liqueur + a Cinnamon Stick 

Twisted Hibiscus

6 oz Hibiscus Vanilla SkinTē + 1 oz Orange Liqueur + an Orange Twist


Happy Haunting!