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Tips For Protecting Your Face From Mask Irritation

Have you heard the term “Maskne”? Who would have thought we would need a new way to describe the acne and skin irritation caused by masks? Unfortunately, this is a real problem for some people. Here are a few tips to help soothe and protect your skin from mask irritation. 

  • Keep it clean.

    1. Always start with a clean mask. Make sure to wash it in a laundry detergent that is hypoallergenic using the sanitize setting on your washer. If possible, get an organic soft cotton or linen mask that fits comfortably so you aren’t fiddling with it— You definitely don’t want to be touching your mask or face a lot.

    2. A ’lil extra love.

      1. Apply extra moisturizer to areas where the mask rests against your face using CLEAN hands. You may also need to moisturize an extra time or two during the day. Use a moisturizer you already know your skin loves. If you need extra soothing and hydration, you can try topical Aloe Vera Gel which provides water soluble moisture. (Dr. B always says to be extra careful trying any new products on your face, and if it aggravates your skin, discontinue it right away.) Lastly, don’t over-wash your face. It disturbs the mantle your skin has worked very hard to create to protect your skin.

      2. Teas aren’t just for drinking

        1. Still need to calm irritated skin? Make your own “toner” to apply once or twice a day before you moisturize. You can do this by steeping organic herbs… just like you would if you were making a cup of tea. Let the steeped herbs cool completely and gently pat the liquid onto your skin using a soft cotton ball or cloth. The more irritated your skin is, the gentler you should be. (Again, make sure you are cautious trying anything new on your skin and never use any herb or product you might be allergic to.) Keep any remaining liquid in the refrigerator and discard if unused after 24 hours. Here are Dr. B’s favorite herbs to use on skin:

          • Chamomile tea for irritation
          • Calendula tea for healing
          • Rose petals to calm
          • White and green teas to protect and soothe