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The Lifecycle of a SkinTē Can

Ever wonder what happens to your SkinTē can after you drop it in the recycle bin? Wonder no more. Happily, your beautifully striped can will live on to become another can, or a rain gutter, or a window frame, or something else incredibly useful. Why?  Aluminum cans are the MOST recycled container in the world. 

National Recycling Day and a SkinTe Can

The Stats

About 67% of cans are recycled worldwide each year. It turns out aluminum is incredibly easy and efficient to recycle. So much so that about 75% of the aluminum produced since the 1880s is still in use today. Recycling aluminum consumes 95% less energy than mining, processing, and manufacturing new aluminum, and it releases 95% less greenhouse gas than the new aluminum production. That’s a huge win!

How does it happen?

Once your used SkinTē can is dropped in the recycling bin, it can be a new product in about 60 days. Here’s how it works:

  1. Recycled materials are sorted
  2. The sorted aluminum is shredded into small pieces.
  3. The pieces of aluminum are cleaned.
  4. The pieces are then melted in high-capacity furnaces and impurities are removed.
  5. The molten aluminum is cooled and turned into new aluminum products.

    So, when it comes to recycling our stripey SkinTē cans, let’s crush it!