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The 30-Day TēTox

Hi beautiful!

Get ready for a glow like no other. With our 30-Day TēTox, you’ll enjoy a transformative experience for your mind, body, and soul that will leave you looking just as good as you feel (if not better!). Here are the deets…


A 30-day wellness program designed to boost your inner glow, you’ll enjoy the likes of radiant hair, skin, and nails, aided digestion, boosted immunity, soothed joints, increased hydration, calmer energy, deeper sleep and much, much more!


In order to enjoy alll the bubbly beauty benefits, we recommend sipping 1 SkinTē a day (about 3 12-packs total) to boost your collagen (+ vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant) intake. Plus, I’ve included a list of my favorite foods below to complement your daily dose!

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Stock up on an assortment of vegetables, high-quality proteins, & healthy fats to boost your radiance!




Wild-Caught Salmon

Organic Eggs

Dark Chocolate

Sweet Potato


Collard Greens

Pumpkin Seeds





Free-Range Chicken


NOTE: If you are allergic to any of these foods, be sure to skip them. 


Do your best to avoid foods that cause inflammation & are high in sugar.

Dairy (grass-fed, organic butter is OK)


Peanuts/Peanut Butter

White & Brown Sugar

White or Wheat Flour (pasta, bread, barley, & rye)



High Fructose Corn Syrup

Oranges & Orange Juice

Bell Peppers


Artificial Sweeteners


Potatoes (sweet potatoes are OK)

Trans Fats

Corn & Corn Products


  • Hydrate! This is super important when detoxing as it’s imperative to flush out all the toxins your body is releasing. Ideally, we’d be stoked if you drank half your body weight in water every day. But, if this feels too aggro, we recommend starting with at least 8 glasses of water and working your way up. The good news? Recent studies have shown that consuming beverages that contain protein and electrolytes can be even more hydrating than water! And since our Tēs are deliciously brewed with essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and collagen protein - you’ll be one sip closer to optimal hydration. Read more about the details HERE.

  • As Beyonce so casually puts it, “Move ya body - everybody!” Be sure to get some exercise in every day for at least 30 min. Now, I’m not expecting you to sign up for a half-marathon or embark on a 2-hour Pilates session - but if that’s you, you go boo! If not, don’t sweat it (excuse the pun). What’s most important is doing whatever makes your body feel good. Whether that’s cycle class, jumping rope in your backyard, or walking to your favorite coffee shop - every little bit counts.

  • Catch some Zzz’s. I can’t stress this enough! Beauty sleep is a real thing. Getting a minimum of 8 hours has been shown to reduce stress, boost mood, energy levels, performance, wound healing, skin health, weight loss...the list goes on. It’s truly the most restorative thing you can do. Make sure your room is dark and cool (black-out curtains are a lifesaver) and try putting your phone away at least an hour before bed. Aim to be under the sheets by 10pm, and if you need a little somethin somethin to help chill you out, enjoy a Hibiscus Vanilla SkinTē to help calm your mind. I’m telling you, that so-called “I woke up like this” look is really just one good nights sleep away.

  • Feel grateful. It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and feel down on yourself, which is why I want to challenge each of you to keep a gratitude journal for your emotional well-being. Your mind is such a powerful tool - so don’t forget to pay attention to your thoughts as they are the driving force behind everything you do. Reset your mind by writing down 5 things you’re grateful for every morning and night. It can be anything - your dogs, your friends, your booty, SkinTē...whatever makes you feel good ;) Then, anytime you’re feeling a little down or are running on fumes, sneak a peek at your happy journal for a little mood (and confidence) booster.


We know coordinating all of the above around your lifestyle (work, kids, travel, etc.) can be its own challenge, but I promise it’ll be worth it! I’ll be here cheer(s)ing you on from start to finish. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at for any questions, concerns, or Tē inquiries. You got this.

Not to mention...the SkinTēam is always down to make it IG official! Stay in the glow by following us on IG @skinte and using #30DayTeTox to document your SkinTē transformation. We’d love to see your experience firsthand and I know I’ll personally be stalking all of your posts ;)

Still need a boost? Take it from our fans.

“SkinTē is super refreshing, light and not sugary at all. I also love the way it supports my digestion!” -Adrianne N.

“I notice a daily tranquility and overall balanced mood when I am drinking SkinTē. Also, I had an injury to one of my fingernails a few years ago leaving it damaged. I always used nail polish to cover it up because I didn’t like the way it looked. But, with SkinTē, my nail has improved! I am thrilled about this!” -Paula M.

“You truly have something here! Coffee really dehydrates me, so when I crash, I also feel achy. But, SkinTē has been making me feel hydrated AND awake!” -Trent B.

Let’s GLOW!

With love (and collagen),

Dr. B