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Super Herb Spotlight Series: Hawthorn Berry


You may already know that SkinTē offers an array of beauty benefits and is formulated with kosher, grass-fed collagen, powerful super herbs, and antioxidant-rich smart ingredients to keep you glowing from the inside out. But do you know exactly why these ingredients are so amazing for you?


Today, we’ll be diving into the heart-loving history of hawthorn berry. Dating back to Medieval Times, this flowering shrub from the rose family has been known to significantly support heart wellness both physiologically and psychologically. Backed by extensive research, this ingredient may play a role in promoting blood flow, improving shortness of breath, decreasing blood pressure, and has even been shown to provide an overall feeling of calmness and serenity. Known as the herb to “heal a broken heart,” studies have shown that this heartwarming ingredient can quite possibly aid those suffering from grief, depression, and anxiety.


Being Dr. Bader’s favorite herb to use in both her practice and in SkinTē’s formula, hawthorn berry is, as we like to call it, our “hug from the inside out.” This feel-good ingredient is commonly known to open or soothe the heart chakra and promote a general sense of well-being. Because we strongly believe that beauty starts from within, we found this herb to be an integral part of The SkinTē Equation. We hope you feel the love (and share it too!) whenever you take a slow, satisfying sip. :)