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Spotlight on Green Tea Grapefruit: Fan Favorite Ways to Enjoy!


Green Tea Grapefruit’s light, fizzy and citrusy blend of real brewed organic jasmine green tea, super herbs and grapefruit is a delicious and refreshing treat from the inside out.

  • Top 10 ways our TēTribe enjoys SkinTē:

    1. First thing in the morning, to wake you up for the day and keep you energized and glowing for those Zoom calls (minus the jitters) ⏰  
    2. As a refreshing and bubbly treat with your favorite snack while binging Netflix 📺
    3. As a boost of hydration and thirst quencher after a workout or on a hot day 💦
    4. As a snack to tap into grapefruit’s ability to curb appetite 🍊
    5. Right after the sauna to replenish electrolytes 🧖‍♀️
    6. Any time you want a glowing boost of green tea superpowers: antioxidants to knock out free radicals, L-theanine to relax and center you, vitamins and minerals to support your immune system 🍵
    7. As a beauty cocktail mixer to celebrate or let loose (the minerals and collagen help with hydration) 🍹
    8. As a low carb, paleo-friendly refreshment. (Green Tea Grapefruit has less than one gram of sugar per can) ✨
    9. As a bubbly indulgence in a champagne glass, to create the champagne experience “sans champagne” 🥂
    10. As a self-care gift you can glow about 💓
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