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NERD ALERT: Things Your Dr. - Most Likely - Isn’t Telling You

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...right? In an age filled with way too much misinformation, alternative facts, and varying opinions, I felt compelled to spill the tea on all the things your doctor - most likely - isn’t telling you.

A Healthy Liver = Healthy Hormones

If you’re a woman, it’s pretttty likely you’ve encountered some sort of hormonal imbalance in your lifetime (PMS anyone?). And while keeping your estrogen levels in symbiosis is key, what most people don’t realize is how much your liver can contribute to its out-of-whack behavior. Because your liver is responsible for making cholesterol, which in turn makes hormones, and later filters those hormones back through the liver to be extricated, your hormones are truly a reflection of how balanced and healthy your liver is. I’s a bit of a head-spinner. BUT, by keeping this in mind, you can keep your estrogen in line. Since your liver is so busy keeping up with your diet, exposure to chemicals, etc., making small choices everyday can make a huge difference in the long run. By reducing your alcohol and excessive caffeine intake (we’re talking over 100mg per day) and by filling your diet with hormone-free foods (I’m lookin’ at you meat lovers), these subtle changes can do wonders for your body. Just remember: happy liver → happy hormones → happy partner → happy life! :)

Stress-Free is Sexy

Speaking of partners...ever wonder why your sex life turns to puddy when your anxiety levels hit the fan? Think of it this way. If you’re a wild animal living in the forest and are exposed to stressful circumstances like fires, hunters, or lack of food, we can probably assume that flirting with that lone wolf across the pond is not top of mind. Similarly, when we as a species endure stress, our sex drive pays the price. It’s a true love crisis! How can we spice things up, you might ask? Easy - just meditate your way to a healthy libido! But really, something as simple as taking a deep breath, quieting your mind, and relinquishing your stressors can be exactly what you need to take you back to neutral - and beyond! 

Bonus Tip: Feel free to add in a SkinTē or two to speed up the process... ;)

Food Matters!

The topic of food in the medical industry always seems to give me a palm-to-face kind of feeling. Mainly because so many of my patients have been told by previous doctors that their food choices do not matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Unfortunately, what some doctors don’t realize is how things like food intolerances and allergies can drastically affect your health and well-being over time. Whether this is because of old-school education, lack of progress, or just differences in opinion, it never fails to surprise me. For years I have seen and treated patients with various health issues by simply educating them on the importance of what they consume and providing them with clean modifications. Without fail, the results continue to prove just how vital a role food plays in our mental and physical health. Always remember, your food is either your best medicine or your worst poison...don’t let it be the latter!

With love (and collagen),

Dr. B