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Nerd Alert: Movember…what you need to know to save a bro.

 Man with Mustache for Movember

Ahhh… the crisp autumn air and changing leaves means it’s once again time to ask ourselves “Why are all the fellas suddenly sporting mustaches?” The newly hairy mugs indicate one thing: it’s Movember! Every November, Movember—a global movement aimed at calling attention to and supporting men’s emotional and physical health—uses mustached-razor-ditching faces to get us all talking about men’s wellness and preventive care. Movember is also an incredible fundraiser, raising over $900M and funding over 1,250 projects focused on mental health and suicide prevention, as well as prostate and testicular cancer. 

  • How can you support men’s health?

    1. Grow a mustache every November and use it to start conversations about men’s health. Take it a tiny step further and sign up at to see how you can use your facial hair to raise awareness and money to fund men’s health projects. You can also learn how to participate in health challenges, host events, and support your friends and family.

      Man with Doctor

    2. What are the ‘stache rules?'

      1. Here are the guidelines for growing your Movember mustaches, fellas:

        1. Start the month of November clean shaven. Your whole face should be stubble free. So, if you went as Ted Lasso for Halloween, sorry… gotta shave it off.
        2. For the entire month, grow your mustache. You are allowed to do some “light” grooming. Not sure what your style is? Here are some Movember style ideas.
        3. No fake mustaches allowed. Ixnay the akefay.
        4. Use your new, epic mustache to start conversations about men’s health. And, who cares if it is lopsided or patchy… all the more reason to start a conversation about it!  

          Man with Mustache
      2. Rinse and repeat

        1. Men’s health is important. Make Movember a yearly commitment to raise awareness and funding for men’s health education and research. You can mix it up each year and grow a different style of mustache, as long as you grow one.

          And, while we’re at it, let’s continue the conversation and awareness all year long. As always, if you have questions, ideas, or comments don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at I love your feedback and am here for you. 

        2. With love (and collagen),

          Dr. B