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Nerd Alert: Cocktails (& mocktails) with beauty benefits

 SkinTe Cocktail

  • Happy Holidays!

    1. For those of you who choose to imbibe this time of year, here are a few reasons SkinTē makes a perfect mixer.

      • SkinTē contains collagen, and happily, one of the main components of collagen is glycine. This amino acid is shown in studies to help the liver recover better and faster after consuming alcohol. Read more about glycine here
      • So many mixers have lots of sugar, but not SkinTē. It is low in carbs and contains no added sugar. Raise a glass to that! 
      • It contains protein from collagen and Himalayan sea salt. Both protein and electrolytes from salt are shown in research to aid hydration, possibly offsetting the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Read more about the importance of hydration here
      • It tastes amazing! 
      SkinTe Cocktail 
    2. Champagne Beauty Cocktail:

      1. Choose any flavor of SkinTē and mix it half and half with your favorite bubbly. Easy and delicious. Cheers!

      2. With love (and collagen),

        Dr. B