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Meet SkinTē Co-Founder, Elizabeth Zieg

A doctor, a chef, and a biz brain walk into a room...what happens next?
Well, liquid radiance of course! ;)

Meet Elizabeth Zieg. SkinTē Co-Founder and chef, Elizabeth blends her passion for flavor, purpose, and innovation into everything she creates. Her culinary craftsmanship, multifaceted experience, and astute attention to detail are just a few of the reasons why we trust her implicitly in the kitchen and beyond.

1. What was your biggest motivation to start SkinTē?

 To do something awesome with two bad-ass women - but also…
  • Really test my multi-tasking abilities (check)
  • Create (check)
  • Innovate (check)

2. With all 3 founders coming from different backgrounds, how does your professional experience contribute to the SkinTē story?

My culinary background is definitely the main contribution, but I think also having done many different (seemingly unrelated) things has helped, too, as that involved quickly adapting on the job. My experience in IT, for example, has been incredibly helpful in running operations. I think embracing the steep learning curve of entrepreneurship has been as important (if not more so) than the knowledge I brought with me.

3. Give us the 411 on SkinTē: What makes this product so special?

SkinTē is a unique combination of bubbly brewed tea, super-herbs, and a kick of collagen. It was really important that we created something more than the sum of its parts, and not compromise on quality, benefits, OR taste. Amy, one of the SkinTē co-founders, likes to say she handed me a pile of sticks, twigs, and roots (that basically tasted like dirt) and I made them taste great. For me, that’s the magic - function AND flavor.

4.  Describe SkinTē in 3 words.

Refreshing, fizzy, and fun!

5. Let’s talk about your dream fangirl moment: Who would you most like to see sipping SkinTē?

If I had a time machine, Julia Child. No question.

Want to try her latest creation? Click HERE to enjoy SkinTē’s newest, caffeine-free collagen sparkling tea, Hibiscus Vanilla! Or, try them all and discover your fizzy favorite with our Tē Trio Variety Pack.