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Meet SkinTē Co-Founder, Dr. Amy Bader

A doctor, a chef, and a biz brain walk into a room...what happens next?
Well, liquid radiance of course! ;)

Meet Dr. Amy Bader. SkinTē co-founder and accomplished naturopathic doctor, Amy combines her passion for healing with her fervor for knowledge, all while being her adorable witty, nerdy, and kind-hearted self. Her unorthodox approach and devotion to her patients are just a few of the reasons she has touched, and healed, so many.

1. What was your biggest motivation to start SkinTē?

As a doctor, I have known about the importance of collagen for a long time. I also knew it was hard to get my patients (and myself!) to consume collagen consistently because, well, life. Who wants to deal with messy powders and swallow a bunch of pills? Not my patients. Not me. Anyhoo, my determination to solve this collagen-is-an-inconvenient-drag situation peaked when I was going through a divorce, and the realization dawned on me that I was going to be single in my forties. All I knew was that I wanted to look and feel my best, and dammit, I deserved that! In that moment, I knew I needed to discover a better collagen solution.

2. With all 3 founders coming from different backgrounds, what was your professional experience contribute to the SkinTē story?

     As a naturopathic physician, I was able to pull from my extensive training and experience to create the perfect blend of collagen and super-herbs. This formulation provides benefits not only for skin, but also for mood, sleep, gut, joints, immune system, and general wellness. However, let’s be honest - my favorite herbs taste like dirt, and I know nothing about supply chains, so partnering with Elizabeth and Bassima was perfect…and necessary!

    3. Give us the 411 on SkinTē: What makes this product so special?

    SkinTē not only offers collagen that benefits the connective tissues inside our bodies, but it also nourishes us with antioxidants to help protect them in the first place. PLUS, SkinTē supports what really makes us GLOW - like providing a general sense of well-being, enhanced digestion, restful sleep, radiant skin, and so on. It’s the perfect concoction of whole-body-goodness!

    4. Describe SkinTē in 3 words.

    Delicious. Convenient. Power-packed.

    5. Let's talk about your dream fangirl moment. Who would you most like to see sipping SkinTē?

    Um…hello! If I saw Michelle Obama drinking SkinTē, I would probably faint from sheer excitement. ;)

    Want to learn more about Dr. Amy? Click HERE to read her latest cover story with HERLIFE Magazine, where she delves into the power of resilience and opens up about the founders’ paths to SkinTē.