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Meet SkinTē CEO + Co-Founder, Bassima Mroue

A doctor, a chef, and a biz brain walk into a room...what happens next?
Well, liquid radiance of course! ;)

Meet our CEO and Co-Founder, Bassima Mroue. The biz brain behind the brand, Bassima is the ultimate go-getter who draws from her unique personal and professional experience to passionately lead with purpose...and a healthy dose of intuition.

1. What was your biggest motivation to start SkinTē?

I feel like the universe pushed me in this direction. I worked at Nike HQ for 10 years, and towards the last couple of years, my body started breaking down. I was on my way to Stage 4 endometriosis, and I had to get back surgery. My surgeon and my mom encouraged me to consume collagen to help with my recovery and it literally changed my life. I was consuming pills, powders, and bone broth and LOVED the results - but not the experience. Pills were too bulky and you had to take a lot, powders were clumpy, and let’s be honest - there is only so much bone broth one person can drink. Starting SkinTē was about so much more than creating and launching a product. It was all about my purpose - to put all my creativity and passion into something that would contribute to people and society in a positive way. I could have easily stayed in the corporate world but I knew intuitively that this was my path.

2. With all 3 founders coming from different backgrounds, how does your professional experience contribute to the SkinTē story?

One of the most special things about us as trio founders is that we come from different backgrounds and have this immense respect for one another. We are like a three-legged stool; without each leg, we would be completely unbalanced and fall apart! With 20 years of experience in the business world, ranging from IT to supply chain to brand strategy, I naturally fell into the CEO role. Building purpose-driven brands is truly my passion, and understandably, my partners refused to allow me in the kitchen or to talk to patients (way too dangerous!). So honestly, I really had no choice. ;)

3. Give us the 411 on SkinTē: What makes this product so special?

This brand is special because of the uniqueness of the overall experience. We are the first brand to carbonate collagen and to create a taste profile that is delicious, light, refreshing, fizzy, and fun, while also being super nutrient dense! Additionally, we are the first brand to combine real brewed herbs and collagen into one can (we intentionally chose to avoid plastic bottles!).

Our SkinTē equation is quite unique and goes way beyond collagen. We are so proud of our super-herbs and smart ingredients - each of which was handpicked for a purpose and tells a story. For example, hawthorn berry was used in ancient times to heal a broken heart, and we like to think of it as our hug to you from the inside out. Nothing gives me more joy than to hear people say they feel happy and calm when they drink it. It’s a true lifestyle beverage that you can enjoy in place of your coffee, with your lunch, after a workout, or as a beauty cocktail. Even the packaging was designed to delight! We wanted it to be chic and to act as a gift of liquid radiance to yourself.

4. Describe SkinTē in 3 words.

Self-care. Beauty. Easy.

5. Let’s talk about your dream fangirl moment. Who would you most like to see sipping SkinTē?


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