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SkinTē is a deliciously potent combination of tea, collagen, and smart ingredients designed to boost your skincare and promote daily well-being.

Our innovative beverages are great for skin, hair and nails, but the beautiful benefits go waaaay beyond skin deep. SkinTē also nourishes joints, soothes achy muscles, and supports digestion to give your body some serious love.  Raise a glass and get your boost of radiance.

Formulated by a doctor,

made delicious by a chef,

SkinTē comes in

lightly carbonated refreshing flavors.

Each can contains our signature

SkinTē equation: 3000mg of collagen

+ foundational herbs for a

boost of vitamins and minerals

+ smart ingredients to nourish

your body from the inside out.

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Ready for a beauty

and well-being boost?

(Ummm… who isn’t?)

Treat yourself to a SkinTē plan

to see and feel the difference.

Self-care, beauty

& well-being all in one…

all the time. 



Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the foundation for everything from skin, hair and nails to bones, tendons and ligaments. However, in our 20s, collagen starts to break down faster than it can be produced. That’s where SkinTē comes in. Each refreshing beverage contains 3000mg of the highest quality, bioavailable kosher collagen peptides to replace lost collagen and nourish you from the inside out. We’ve got your back.


"As a naturopathic physician, I am constantly looking to make healthy choices easy and accessible for all my patients. With SkinTē, I know that my patients are not only receiving high quality collagen but the high quality organic herbs used to make SkinTē, keeps my patients coming back for more. With SkinTē, beauty and health don't have to be hard to reach. "

Dr. Alissia Zenhausern


Collagen is just part of the story—the magic really happens when you add tea to the equation. We’ve carefully selected organic loose-leaf teas for their collagen-friendly ingredients like vitamin C. Tea is a delicious source of antioxidants and isoflavones that protect and nourish the whole body, including skin. Other ingredients like hibiscus and ginger offer additional benefits like enhanced mood, strengthened immunity and digestive support. Drink up and get your glow on.

Formulated by a doctor. Made delicious by a chef.

Collagen Peptides

Super Herbs

Smart Ingredients


Paleo-friendly, low carb, wholesome drinks made with super smart ingredients. Real food. No junk. (Insert high five here).

We’re keeping it clean; our products contain no gluten ingredients, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy or dyes.